Six Month Braces FAQs

Q. What are 6-month braces?

A. Six month braces is an orthodontic system that uses tooth-colored, clear, or nearly invisible bracket and wire braces to gently align teeth into a beautiful smile, with an average treatment time of just six months. The technique is faster and more predictable than "Invisalign" or "Clear Correct" clear-aligners, though our dentists can use these techniques as well. We also combine 6 month braces with veneers, bonding, whitening, and other cosmetic procedures if desired creating a custom, personalized smile makeover treatment plan.

Q. How can orthodontic treatment be done in six months?

A. 6 month braces combines proven orthodontic bracket and wire techniques, superior innovations in orthodontic technology, and improved materials to gradually shift smiles rapidly, safely and comfortably.

The goal of cosmetic braces is to straighten teeth that are visible while patients smile, laugh and speak. These braces shit the front teeth without significantly altering occlusion (bite) or jaw alignment. Treatment is usually completed quickly, easily, and with light force. We also combine orthodontics with cosmetic dental procedures delivering beautiful, long-lasting smile.

Q. Are 6-month braces painful?

A. No. Some patients think that faster treatment means simply "tighter" regular braces, but that is not the case. The force used for 6 month braces is lighter, but because it’s focused only on front facing teeth and does not need to correct patients’ full bite, treatment is completed more quickly and with less discomfort than traditional braces. Additionally, six month braces have a low profile. This means brackets and wire fit more closely to teeth causing minimal if any irritation to soft tissue.

Q. What do 6-month braces look like?

A. Six month braces use translucent brackets and thin, tooth-colored wires that blend with tooth enamel. Most people won't notice you’re wearing braces! Braces can also be placed on the backs of your teeth completely removed from view.

Q. What about costs, payment plans, and insurance?

A. The cost of six month braces are typically 30-40% less than traditional orthodontics. We offer a variety of budget-friendly payment plans, and are always happy to process and file insurance forms to maximize patients’ coverage whenever possible. We explain treatments, costs and payment options, and insurance coverage before we begin treatment.

Q. How do I know if I am a candidate?

A. Most patients aged 15 and older are candidates for 6-month braces. If you have crooked, overlapped or unevenly spaced teeth without excessive or uneven pressure damaging teeth or causing pain, six month braces could be a great solution for you. Call for a FREE consultation today!

Q. Can you combine 6-month braces with cosmetic dentistry?

A. Yes. The beauty of our practice is that our dentists are certified in providing orthodontic adjustments using 6 month braces, as well as offering expert cosmetic dentistry services. Sometimes a combination of treatments gives patients stunning, long-lasting results. Our dentists are uniquely qualified to advise patients about treatment options available in our convenient dental practice, and develop plans to achieve optimal oral health and beauty.

Q. Are there any benefits to straight teeth?

A. Our patients get a tremendous boost in self-esteem with straighter, more beautiful smiles, and they may even catch themselves smiling and laughing more readily in public. Great smiles make impressive first impressions and boost personal and professional images. There's also documented research stating that the more frequently patients smile, the happier they feel, and the less susceptible they are to sickness. Properly aligned teeth and jaws improve patients’ ability to chew food thorough and speak clearly. Misaligned teeth are also more difficult to clean leading to halitosis (bad breath that doesn’t improve with cleaning), cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss. A straighter smile helps you avoid expensive dental work or surgery later on.

An attractive beautiful smile may be able to change your life. Call Curtis Family Dentistry today at 203-374-0700.

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