General & Preventive Dentistry

Regular dental visits are the key to a healthy, beautiful smile that will last you a lifetime. As your general dentist in Bridgeport, Dr. Gupta will inspect your teeth and gums for small problems and offer conservative treatment recommendations if the need should arise. Our hygienist can help you develop a homecare regimen that will optimize your oral health. Only by working together can we avoid tooth decay and gum disease.

Emergency Care

Woman brushing her teethYou can’t plan for a dental emergency, but knowing you can call on Dr. Gupta and our team when one strikes you or a loved one can help you remain calm and get the smile-saving care you need sooner rather than later. For a knocked out tooth, broken tooth, toothache, or anything else that just doesn’t strike you as quite right, don’t hop on the internet and search for a “dentist near me” -- instead, get in touch with our office ASAP!

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Examinations and Consultations

Close-up of kids mouth at dentist Visiting our office for an examination and consultation at least every six months is key for maintaining a clean, healthy, and happy smile. During these routine visits, Dr. Gupta will check each of your teeth for weak spots that could indicate existing or budding cavities. Then, during the consultation portion of the appointment, you can ask any questions that you may have about your oral health while also gaining valuable advice. Trust us -- it’s a visit you don’t want to skip!

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Fresh Breath, Periodontal Therapy, & Preventive Care

Couple taking a selfieThe number one cause of adult tooth loss, gum disease can quickly destroy a smile. It starts with bad breath and bleeding, red, inflamed gums and ends up leaving you at a higher risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and even pregnancy complications. If caught early through regular preventive care, gum disease can be treated and its symptoms reversed. Dr. Gupta, your dentist in Trumbull, offers gentle, in-office therapy to restore periodontal (gum) and overall health.

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Oral Surgery

Dentist looking at x-rayOur first plan of action is always prevention, but when issues with the teeth or gums do develop, oral surgery may be the best way to renew your dental health and prevent tooth loss and other serious issues. Our oral surgery services include extraction, root canal therapy, dental implant placement, and more. All procedures are completed with the utmost care and efficiency, always ensuring your comfort and safety with anesthesia and the use of modern technology.

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