Correct Your Smile Fast with Six Month Braces!

March 1, 2016

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If we asked how your social six are looking, we wouldn’t be talking about a card game or some new app. It’s a bit of dental lingo that means the six teeth that show when you smile. If your social six are crowded, crooked or slightly gapped, you’re suffering from the effects of an imperfect smile — but you don’t have to live with the stress or embarrassment of misaligned teeth anymore. Six Month Braces are a fast, effective alternative to traditional braces. Keep reading to learn more from Dr. Michael Curtis, the dentist Bridgeport trusts with its smiles!

Six Month Braces Work Quickly and Beautifully

By focusing only on the teeth that show when you smile, Six Month Braces can work much faster than traditional, metal brackets and wires. The system uses clear brackets and thin, tooth-colored wires to quickly shift the teeth that show when you smile into their preferred position. Because the materials are low-profile, you won’t have that puffy-lipped look braces wearers often have — and Six Month Braces can actually be attached on the back of your teeth, to eliminate the issue altogether.

Benefits of Six Month Braces

There are several advantages of choosing faster orthodontic treatment that focuses on improving the aesthetics of your smile rather than its function — especially if you’re a busy adult. Some of the benefits our patients enjoy include the following.

  • Six Month Braces are a less expensive way to achieve straighter teeth. In fact, they are often the most affordable orthodontic option.
  • With Six Month Braces, you spend less time at the dentist’s office than with other options.
  • Six Month Braces are a low-force treatment, meaning they’re more comfortable and produce less soreness.
  • You don’t have to worry about your social or professional interactions suffering as a result of metal braces.
  • Because they work so quickly, Six Month Braces can help you to look your very best for an important upcoming event, like a wedding or reunion.

Interested in Faster Orthodontic Treatment?

Of course you’d like to benefit from the fantastic advantages offered by Six Month Braces — that’s why you’re reading this post. Dr. Curtis and our team of professionals can help you reveal the smile you’ve always desired in no time by focusing on your social six, those front teeth that just aren’t quite perfect. Six Month Smiles can greatly benefit patients in Bridgeport and Trumbull, and that means you! Call our office to schedule your appointment today.

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