Madison six-month braces yield straight smiles fast

February 1, 2016

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Madison six-month bracesQuickly fix crooked smiles with Madison Six-month Braces. For teeth in the smile zone, fast braces comfortably and discreetly create beautiful alignment.

Your smile is crooked, gapped, crowded, and you cover it with your hand when speaking in public. Braces you had as a child aligned your smile, but the teeth shifted back over the years. You want attractive teeth but dislike the discomfort, appearance and time involved in traditional orthodontics.

Your solution may be Sixmonth Braces from Curtis Family Dentistry in the Madison and Bridgeport area.


What are Six-month Braces?

Six-month Braces correct crooked smiles in as little as 5 to 7 months. Perfect for individuals who have mild orthodontic issues that compromise appearance, these invisible plastic brackets and clear wires move teeth comfortably and efficiently into better and healthier positions. Plus, the price is very budget-sparing.

Unlike metal wire and bracket braces, Six-month Braces move the teeth just in the “smile zone” at the front of the mouth. They do not address complex bite or jaw alignment problems that can be very time-consuming, uncomfortable and labor intensive. Many teens over 15 and adults, too, make great candidates for these innovative appliances.

Treatment with Bridgeport Six-month Braces

Dr. Michael Curtis carefully evaluates patients for treatment with Six-month Braces. Through oral exam and x-rays, he can tell if these inventive braces will work for the patient’s individual problem. If yes, then he proceeds with making a mold of the patient’s mouth. The impression, along with a treatment plan, go to a special lab for fabrication of the appliances.

After application of the trays, the patient feels gentle pressure on his or her teeth, indicating the appliances are at work. The pressure is not intense as with traditional braces. Still, Six-month Braces effectively eliminate overlapping, crowding and gaps.

The patient sees Dr. Curtis every 4 to 6 weeks for minor adjustments. In some cases, dentists can mount the braces on the back, or lingual, side of the teeth where they are completely out of sight.

Amazingly, Six-month Braces fix crooked smiles in 4 to 9 months, with 6 months being just about average. The appliances truly reduce treatment time, are barely noticeable and allow the patient to bite and chew normally. So, someone could be evaluated for Six-month Braces at Christmas time and have a straight, beautiful smile in time for a June graduation or wedding.

The benefits of a straight smile

Patients report that their refurbished teeth boost their self-confidence. They eat, speak, smile and laugh without embarrassment. Plus, they enjoy the oral health benefits of better-aligned teeth that are easier to keep clean and are less prone to decay and gum disease.

Would you like an evaluation?

Dr. Michael Curtis and his staff would be privileged to discuss Six-month Braces with you in their Madison office. Dr. Curtis also offers a wide range of cosmetic dental services that could complement your newly straightened smile. Contact the Bridgeport office today to set-up a consultation appointment.

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