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September 1, 2015

Fatehr and daughter with matching missing teeth call the dentist bridgeport ct releist onAt Curtis Family Dentistry, our team provides Bridgeport, CT patients with a wide array of superior tooth replacement options. Every smile is unique, and Dr. Michael Curtis works with each patient to determine what restorative dentistry treatments are the right fit. For patients who are missing teeth, the potential pain, stress, and decreased self-confidence can be overwhelming. At Curtis Family Dentistry, our Stratford, CT dental team are ready to help you restore your smile no matter how damaged. Call to schedule a consultation today, and discover what the Bridgeport, CT dentist can do for you.

Tooth Replacement Facts from Your Dentist Bridgeport, CT

Many patients who are missing teeth (especially those not visible while smiling) choose to forgo treatment due to expense or discomfort, but our Westport dentistry office encourages those who make this decision to reconsider. Missing teeth, no matter where they’re located, can be detrimental to oral health. Some of the health consequences of not replacing teeth include:

  • Dental drift – the movement of teeth to fill in space left by missing teeth that can undo the work of pricey orthodontic bite correction
  • Additional tooth loss – as gum and bone tissue break down and begin to deteriorate, surrounding teeth lack necessary support and can be lost
  • Difficulty speaking and chewing – missing teeth put uneven pressure on the remaining teeth changing the way patients speak and chew
  • Changes to facial shape and volume – as gum tissue and bone density decrease, there is no longer adequate support for facial features which begin to sag, wrinkle, or cave into the emptied sockets

Smile Restoration Options from Curtis Family Dentistry

The good news is that Curtis Family Dentistry offers smile restoration options to meet any need. Our Trumbull team can fully restore even the most damaged smiles. Our tooth replacement options include:

  • Crown & bridge – To replace between 1 and 3 consecutive teeth, crown and bridge offers a permanent, effective replacement option.
  • Partial dentures – For patients missing several consecutive or non-consecutive teeth on the same arch, partial dentures can be created to fill in the spaces like a puzzle piece. This is a removable bite restoration option that attaches to remaining teeth using clips.
  • Full dentures – To replace one or both full arches, removable dentures are an effective solution. Composed of replacement teeth set into a gum colored base, dentures are held in place by natural suction or dental adhesive.
  • Dental implants – Possibly the most versatile tooth replacement option, implants make it possible to replace 1 tooth, several teeth, or an entire arch. Best of all, implants replace the entire tooth structure roots and biting surface so gum tissue and bone density are retained. Dental implants offer patients permanent, natural smile restoration.

Call the Dentist Trumbull, CT Loves

If you’re missing one or more teeth, Dr. Curtis and his Trumbull, CT dental team are here to help. Call your Bridgeport dentist to find out more about tooth replacement options at Curtis Family Dental.

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